Beyond the chic trend: What having less (furniture) means to me

I’m writing this post from the floor. Not a shined up, nice hardwood floor. Just a basic, nicely broken in, feels like home, carpeted floor. And no this laptop isn’t sitting atop a nice, convenient floor table. And no, the repo man has not been in my life…

And I’m fine with this.

I’ve always grown up with furniture. Basic kitchen table, chairs, couch, tv stands, bunk beds, dressers, side tables…but i don’t know if its because i’m older or if it comes from having seen how others live on the other side of the planet that has made me come to appreciate living without much furnishings.

There are a few pros to less furniture:

Less hassle with moving


Not having to dust much

Does this mean I’m suddenly anti-furniture? NO. Having a dresser is pretty convenient. I’m just referring to the excess; like does my bed need to be on a foundation? Do i really need a couch? Do i need knick knacks on side tables and bookshelves? I still haven’t figured out how knick knacks and small children co-exist…

But i also like how it creates an open, real, raw exposure of myself to those who I invite over. I’m not showing them how great my close quarters apartment is with nice stuff plastered everywhere like an HGTV/Better Homes and Gardens centerfold. Does it look impoverished? Possibly. But do I care? Not really. If you’ve come to spend time with me, I trust its me you want to spend time with the most and not my stuff anyway.

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Now that Christmas has come and gone…

Its always a weird feeling. Its even a bit weirder not having any snow but I’m truly not complaining! No ice, no slippage, no humiliating outdoor fails…

But anyway back to my point…

Now that the holiday is over, what should be the proper use of time outside of keeping Christ in Christmas? Well I’d like to think that the “Christmas spirit” shouldn’t just remain in the month of December, especially since we are called to love our neighbor as ourself 365 days of the year.

So for 2016, my resolution is a bit simpler and hopefully more focused. Keep being kind, keep smiling even if people think you’re weird, keep persevering, keep encouraging others in what is beneficial, keep working diligently in whatever you have available to do at the moment, knowing that God sees all effort and laziness.

#resolution #2016 #work


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First steps

Hallow’s Eve 2015

This past Halloween I attempted my first ever charitable collection for a local homeless shelter on Long Island. I had been mulling the whole idea of how can I impact my world for the better for quite some time now with an increasing desire that went beyond just doing a one time thing. Researching various underground charitable organizations like Sheltering Books Inc.Turnaround Toys and the Homeless Bus further fueled my hopes to do likewise. I had never thought of doing something of this sort before, so I had a bit of apprehension about the whole thing. First I had the flashing thought that….

….what if I came across some angry neighbor who didn’t want to be bothered and proceeded to rant and rage in the foulest of language? What if someone thought that I was posing a threat and call the police as I knocked on their door or put flyers in their mailbox? Sadly these type of things I did have to consider since I am one of the few black people who live in my neighborhood even though it is pretty diverse otherwise. I also wondered if I would collect enough, but that thought soon was dismissed as I purposely planned to donate whatever I could get, even if it was just my own few items.

Nevertheless, I went ahead and made simple flyers to distribute at the beginning of the holiday week so that there would at least be a reasonable attempt made for advance notice before the collection day came. I swallowed my two remaining fears and physically put a flyer in nearly every mailbox I could find on my street and a few others. Thankfully it was uneventful, although I’m sure I may have made some window occupying neighbors curious.

Since I was primarily collecting toothpaste I assembled a homemade costume of “toothpaste” made from a rarely used long sleeve white shirt and some Old Navy cotton blend yoga pants I was blessed to find for $1.48 at my local 99 cent store the day before. I bought along with the pants some rhinestone stickers in hopes to further the illusion of the red/blue stripes in most toothpastes. I was also glad that I didn’t purchase the ebay costume for $30. Whoop-whoop on the cash save.

Then the moment of truth came. I got ready with a flat rate box in hand during the early afternoon of Hallow’s Eve and was able to fill a whole box! I was happy that God blessed my efforts, calmed my fears and was able to give me the energy and time to do it. The kids still had an awesome trick or treating time, with pretty decent weather. I look forward to making this a yearly tradition.

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2015 Halloween Candy for the Troops!

My plate has been bountifully full these past few months, going about making good on my personal commitment to be apart of the good I want to see in the world. With that being said, I have already made ready a small box for Operation Gratitude. As this is my first year doing it, I hope to make it a regular activity. I am happy that this in many ways doesn’t only benefit myself as far as staying a bit slim, but also helps our servicemen/women and helps to provide a living example/reminder to my kids the importance of sharing. I know that last one was a bit cliche, but I do hope that its something my kids will look back on in their childhood and decide for themselves to be a light.

Please check out the link below to see how you too can make a difference.

Source: 2015 Halloween Candy for the Troops!

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This Corporate Trend

Rant for the day: Logo redesigns

I’ve just noticed how Google has updated its appearance, including the Google + icon. Just like ebay its gone the way of many companies with low key, clean, obviously san serif, uniform styling.
Acutally, I’ve been despising it. Why is every corp redesigning to this standard? They are trading their personal makeup for blandness. I loved when Ebay had the thicker, varying, overlapping typeface and now is too clean for the services it provides in my opinion.
I don’t think everything needs to be san serif. Neither do I believe we need everything to be in Times New Roman lol. I just feel that this trend is just as irritating possibly even more so than seeing something done by someone with no design experience. Even kids have more varying creativity.
Am I alone in this?
P.S. I do enjoy the design changeup that Google does during special events/holidays.
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Now from the CareGiver

Its been more than a while since I last posted. Nothing major but life happening in full effect again. Baby Bee a walking wobble biscuit, others back to school, anticipating the crafting of fall soups, and already cringing at the soon to be overwhelming tide of pumpkin spiced everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice slice of pumpkin loaf as much as the next dessert junkie but, just like avacado, I can only handle it in small doses.

Lastly, I need to get on the trolley of finishing a few flyers for my hubs jazz gigs at this French restaurant. Its seems no matter how many times I try the traditional way of sketching ideas first, it always seems easier for me to just flat out start on the computer…unless I’m doing a full blown illustration which I have thought about…we’ll see. I will post a quick flyer (and a small backstory) of the advertising i recently did last month for my hubs gig at Waterzooi restaurant.

Although I’m curious as to what this winter will bring, I hope fall enjoys lounging as much as I do in its wonderfully refreshing, humidity and mosquito free, peak hoodie weather.

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Future of Design

Image credit:

Just found out about this awesome creation designed by Sha Yao for people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This may just work for other adults/kids who struggle due to cognitive disabilities.

I believe more design like this will be needed in the near future given the recent upswing of kids being diagnosed with special needs of some kind, including my daughter. I think its so easy for everyone to focus on the kids getting early intervention (which I’m not knocking at all because it definitely makes a big difference), that we forget about the adults they will become and that they just might need something more than just being stuffed into a nursing home environment. And after working in one first hand, I feel that some, if not most, stna’s/cna’s may not equipped with how to fully deal with special needs adults because not all of them need drugs to help them function. They just need people who care to understand them, their uniqueness, and even their desire to be active in the world that they still live in.

Anywho, tangent over!

You can read more about Sha Yao’s Eatwell design here.

Congrats on your award’s Ms. Yao!

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