One Minute Lesson

{The Designers Creed}

“The designer’s job is not to fill in all the space. It is to make information accessible and appealing.”

~Alex W. White, The Elements of Graphic Design~

This was one of the first books outside of required textbooks that I bought for in depth study as a college youngin’. This statement was also the only thing that I highlighted in the entire book. Its actually a pretty thorough summary of what design is at its core. All the bells, whistles, fits and flair don’t mean much unless it first meets this criteria. Something I didn’t realize at first, but now I do. Good design doesn’t need a lot of chotchsky’s…(I love Office Space btw).

Now I feel as if I should read it again. At least the first line of every paragraph. But like Levar Burton would always say, “You don’t have to take MY word for it.” Sigh. If only I had the RR sound effects that comes after that statement. For you classic kids PBS patrons, I’m sure you already did it mentally anyway. Nevertheless, I digress….Its a short book and well worth the read.

For a listing of other books in my arsenal, check out the Deuces page.

“A good non-objective design is a rhythmic, well-proportioned whole.”

~ Fritzi Brod, Decorative Design ~

{To clarify the quote for my own understanding, Good design maintains a sense of flow to the piece and nothing seems unnecessary.}

To be honest, I had to read through the Brod quote a couple of times, until I thought of abstract paintings, even random school notebook doodlings. How do you know when a design is “finished”? I remember asking this question to Willi Kunz while in a college workshop. I don’t recall getting a straight answer. Maybe I was expected to already know it…derp. But at least now I can answer it in my own words.


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