The Past


Old 97 Cafe
RGF Flyer
Bebop Lunch Jam

These were created during my hubs gigging days in Ohio. My favs are the RGF Flyer and Bebop Lunch Jam. I have a strong affinity towards the Bebop flyer because of the use of type as the primary graphic element and color scheme. I was told the RGF flyer is reminiscent of a Picasso although I didn’t pull from any of his works specifically during the development.


Alto Capelli Service Menu

I loved the simplicity of the Alto Capeli Salon series, although I wished I could have been able to update their logo as well.


Umbrellas of Cherbourg

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg was the theme I chose for my final collaboration in my college Production class. We ended up placing our designs on giant posters via silkscreening. I miss silkscreening! The movie, from which this design was based, was pretty good as well. Nice imagery/coloring.


Cats n Dogs
Cats n Dogs
Mother and Child
  Mother and Child

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