Design for Good


Since humans can’t seem to stop throwing our trash everywhere, these clever folks, Andrew Turton & Pete Ceglinski – Founders of the Seabin project, decided to create a sea trashcan! Made from 70%-100% recycled plastic and stainless steel, the seabin literally sucks the trash into its netted catcher, which can be easily emptied into its proper trash/recycling recepticle. So simple, so needed, and pretty genius. Makes you wonder, why this wasn’t this thought of before?

#pollution #oceanissues #marine #ocean wildife #plasticpollution



Salt Water Powered Lamp

salt energy lamp design


There are bright minds in this generation. Awesome sauce.

Courtesy of The Feels and WebUrbanist

Sunshine Daydream Hoodie

As a lover of casual hoodies, I couldn’t resist. Nice combo of patterns, colors, and texture. On sale now at The Hunger Site. Buy one, give one to someone in need for FREE in collaboration with Soles4Souls. Win + Win + WIN



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