Organic, where ever possible

I had been debating for a minute, whether or not to join Arbonne. I don’t consider myself much of a seller, but I am passionate about whatever I understand and hold to be trustworthy.

I know that many other companies are joining the club with the phrases like natural, organic, and healthy, but of course they all mean it in various degrees. Even Arbonne states in it’s verbiage that they are “organic, when ever possible”.

At first such a statement may seem ominous to the seriously health trained eye, but then I began to think, if we were 100% natural with EVERYTHING and rejected the uses of all things which are chemically derived, is that really better for us?

Take for example the use of plastic gloves.

Would you rather have to clean up someone else’s vomit with your bare hands and a towel? If plastic gloves weren’t developed healthcare and sanitation workers would have a serious problem. It would be more natural to go without them, but we sure as heck need our skin to be protected.
Of course on the flipside, we also have to be aware of how certain chemicals personally affect us and make adjustments or alternatives accordingly, i.e. some are allergic to latex and others are not.

And after a bit more research and comparison of other similar products, Arbonne still is among the better group of naturally based products. Is every one of their products going to be the absolute best for everybody? Probably not. Realistically, very few things are all stars across the board in every category. Even carefully grown, fresh clipped herbs from our own gardens can give someone a bad reaction.

I’m not completely vouching that all chemically derived things are 100% the best for every circumstance, but we do need them in our lives whenever possible just as much as we need natural/organic things. And I do believe that Arbonne is doing a decent job balancing both.


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