Organic, where ever possible

I had been debating for a minute, whether or not to join Arbonne. I don’t consider myself much of a seller, but I am passionate about whatever I understand and hold to be trustworthy. I know that many other companies are joining the club with the phrases like natural, organic, and healthy, but of course […]

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Cassis Brasserie


Cassis Brasserie
P. Eble 9/2015

I had been meaning to post this a while back. Designing this was a definite refresher course in software basics, but I was surprised at how much i missed it. I had whipped this up for my husband’s gig at a local restaurant. Its always a nice thing when you have good quality, high res photos to work with. And yes most of the glaring errors, especially those circles, were hashed out before a final print (this was just a mockup).

Last but not least, my shameless plug: If you are in the Plainview, NY area or just looking for a nice restaurant to try, why not stop by and catch some world class entertainment while your at it. Jazz is best when its live.

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