Growing up is optional, but Maturity is necessary

Growing up is pretty much a fact of life. One doesn’t have to be very tall to be an adult, but its quite necessary to be mature. One thing that irks me the most is seeing adults that have never matured despite their age. And this isn’t an attempt to bash those who truly capture the essence of remaining young at heart, without being stupid mind you.

I know this subject may have been hashed out before by so many other people, but I guess I just want to add my 2 farthings as I reflect on myself. Have I matured well now that I’m 32?

A certain meme i saw on Facebook pretty much hit the proverbial nail on the head for me…

Adultier Adult

It is a scary thought to be the responsible one. Its almost a dirty, taboo label in this age. But responsibility (a simple combo of accountability and courage) is so necessary, and it does require maturity.

Maturity isn’t merely saying how grown you are. Its your actions. What are my good actions?

Dang it…

I am literally a bit stumped as I’m trying to write something. Does this mean that I’m not responsible enough?…(and this is a serious pause and mental block)…

Ok let’s try that again, good actions:

  • I do a fair job taking care of and raising my 3 young daughters
  • I try to be transparent and honest in my dealings with people
  • I love greeting new people, getting to know them and establishing relationships
  • I like to encourage people and pray for people
  • I don’t fantasize about partying every night of my life (and never did before I had kids either, so I don’t know if that cancels this action out)
  • I’ve become a bit more aware of how damaging complaining can be, not just for me but even for those around me.

Ok, I know that wasn’t a list of career accomplishments, which i do have a few degrees and work experience under my belt, but I believe being a responsible adult requires more emotional development other than merely being able to jump through the hoops of cultural norms.

Now what are my dreaded terrible habits?

The biggest blight I see without even digging is my own struggle with laziness. I’m great when on the job, I give it my all and many managers never have had a complaint against me and my work ethic. I think it helps that the structure has already been established for me, so all I have to do is follow it. And there lies the issue with working from home. I do well in keeping deadlines but for some reason its difficult for me to get motivated to start a project, even if I know i would love it. I get easily distracted, and not just by the kids.

Is it because I haven’t made a dedicated workspace that I know i can work in? Is it decluttering and organizing?

I’m sure it would also help to do those aforementioned things, but I believe the answer is found in being mature enough to stick to a pretty basic me routine as much as possible…. Its hard to give up binging on favorite TV shows, to exercise instead of sitting down, to actually prioritize a checklist the night before when I’m tired after basic housekeeping and taking care of kids. But what is worse, however, is to squander my time and talents because of this laziness, especially when I know many hardworking single moms who juggle a bit more than I do. With all the things that I want to see accomplished in my life, as God gives me time to, there really is no other solution but to bite the bullet, be the adultier adult, and drop this lazy habit.

If only there was a patch for that, but I guess I’m just going to have to go cold turkey and …PERSEVERE.

Why does that word keep showing up in my life this year?!








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