First steps

Hallow’s Eve 2015

This past Halloween I attempted my first ever charitable collection for a local homeless shelter on Long Island. I had been mulling the whole idea of how can I impact my world for the better for quite some time now with an increasing desire that went beyond just doing a one time thing. Researching various underground charitable organizations like Sheltering Books Inc.Turnaround Toys and the Homeless Bus further fueled my hopes to do likewise. I had never thought of doing something of this sort before, so I had a bit of apprehension about the whole thing. First I had the flashing thought that….

….what if I came across some angry neighbor who didn’t want to be bothered and proceeded to rant and rage in the foulest of language? What if someone thought that I was posing a threat and call the police as I knocked on their door or put flyers in their mailbox? Sadly these type of things I did have to consider since I am one of the few black people who live in my neighborhood even though it is pretty diverse otherwise. I also wondered if I would collect enough, but that thought soon was dismissed as I purposely planned to donate whatever I could get, even if it was just my own few items.

Nevertheless, I went ahead and made simple flyers to distribute at the beginning of the holiday week so that there would at least be a reasonable attempt made for advance notice before the collection day came. I swallowed my two remaining fears and physically put a flyer in nearly every mailbox I could find on my street and a few others. Thankfully it was uneventful, although I’m sure I may have made some window occupying neighbors curious.

Since I was primarily collecting toothpaste I assembled a homemade costume of “toothpaste” made from a rarely used long sleeve white shirt and some Old Navy cotton blend yoga pants I was blessed to find for $1.48 at my local 99 cent store the day before. I bought along with the pants some rhinestone stickers in hopes to further the illusion of the red/blue stripes in most toothpastes. I was also glad that I didn’t purchase the ebay costume for $30. Whoop-whoop on the cash save.

Then the moment of truth came. I got ready with a flat rate box in hand during the early afternoon of Hallow’s Eve and was able to fill a whole box! I was happy that God blessed my efforts, calmed my fears and was able to give me the energy and time to do it. The kids still had an awesome trick or treating time, with pretty decent weather. I look forward to making this a yearly tradition.

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2015 Halloween Candy for the Troops!

My plate has been bountifully full these past few months, going about making good on my personal commitment to be apart of the good I want to see in the world. With that being said, I have already made ready a small box for Operation Gratitude. As this is my first year doing it, I hope to make it a regular activity. I am happy that this in many ways doesn’t only benefit myself as far as staying a bit slim, but also helps our servicemen/women and helps to provide a living example/reminder to my kids the importance of sharing. I know that last one was a bit cliche, but I do hope that its something my kids will look back on in their childhood and decide for themselves to be a light.

Please check out the link below to see how you too can make a difference.

Source: 2015 Halloween Candy for the Troops!

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