This Corporate Trend

Rant for the day: Logo redesigns

I’ve just noticed how Google has updated its appearance, including the Google + icon. Just like ebay its gone the way of many companies with low key, clean, obviously san serif, uniform styling.
Acutally, I’ve been despising it. Why is every corp redesigning to this standard? They are trading their personal makeup for blandness. I loved when Ebay had the thicker, varying, overlapping typeface and now is too clean for the services it provides in my opinion.
I don’t think everything needs to be san serif. Neither do I believe we need everything to be in Times New Roman lol. I just feel that this trend is just as irritating possibly even more so than seeing something done by someone with no design experience. Even kids have more varying creativity.
Am I alone in this?
P.S. I do enjoy the design changeup that Google does during special events/holidays.
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Now from the CareGiver

Its been more than a while since I last posted. Nothing major but life happening in full effect again. Baby Bee a walking wobble biscuit, others back to school, anticipating the crafting of fall soups, and already cringing at the soon to be overwhelming tide of pumpkin spiced everything.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice slice of pumpkin loaf as much as the next dessert junkie but, just like avacado, I can only handle it in small doses.

Lastly, I need to get on the trolley of finishing a few flyers for my hubs jazz gigs at this French restaurant. Its seems no matter how many times I try the traditional way of sketching ideas first, it always seems easier for me to just flat out start on the computer…unless I’m doing a full blown illustration which I have thought about…we’ll see. I will post a quick flyer (and a small backstory) of the advertising i recently did last month for my hubs gig at Waterzooi restaurant.

Although I’m curious as to what this winter will bring, I hope fall enjoys lounging as much as I do in its wonderfully refreshing, humidity and mosquito free, peak hoodie weather.

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