Future of Design

Image credit: Eatwellset.com

Just found out about this awesome creation designed by Sha Yao for people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. This may just work for other adults/kids who struggle due to cognitive disabilities.

I believe more design like this will be needed in the near future given the recent upswing of kids being diagnosed with special needs of some kind, including my daughter. I think its so easy for everyone to focus on the kids getting early intervention (which I’m not knocking at all because it definitely makes a big difference), that we forget about the adults they will become and that they just might need something more than just being stuffed into a nursing home environment. And after working in one first hand, I feel that some, if not most, stna’s/cna’s may not equipped with how to fully deal with special needs adults because not all of them need drugs to help them function. They just need people who care to understand them, their uniqueness, and even their desire to be active in the world that they still live in.

Anywho, tangent over!

You can read more about Sha Yao’s Eatwell design here.

Congrats on your award’s Ms. Yao!

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People + Designer + Community

Today has been a good day. What makes it even better is discovering so many charitable organizations that hold similar interest to my own. I don’t mean the big shot campaigns {and not to cast shade, some are very good} but the small, humble, yet downright powerful and needed ones that get little press outside of their own city. Those are the gems.

But do I merely want to report of their existence?


I want to become involved. And not just from a designers perspective.

The hardest part will be picking one and at committing to it for a least a year…I certainly don’t want to let “my eyes get bigger than my stomach” so to speak, but I may just have to pick two. I feel a new page coming on.

Stay tuned.

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{In the Study with Half Time}

“The real test of a man is not when he plays the role that he wants for himself, but when he plays the role destiny has for him.”

~ Vaclav Havel

I find myself pondering, on one side i’m thinking is it too late in the day to be eating a rectangle of 85% dark chocolate and on the other about what have I become and what I want to do, better yet what I’m meant to do, for the final leg of my earthly race.

No, I’m not lying in a hospital bed in some unfortunate, dire emergency {and true sympathy for those who are}, but I have just started reading a book called Half Time by Bob Buford, and I’m strongly considering adding this title to my list of worthy reads. The quote by Havel is mentioned at the start of the first chapter.

As the book highlights, there IS more to life than acquiring the factory standard model of “successful”. Its about having a significant life, even if it doesn’t include a spotlight. There are also hints of the subject matter alluding to something more than just kicking it up a notch on the do-gooder/give more scale. I have high hopes that this book will give way to plenty more juicy nuggets.

Thanks Nic.

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Learning to See

Occasionally I find myself reflecting on patterns, shapes, natural and unnatural tenions, color schemes… layers upon layers of design everywhere. I have a hard time believing that nature, with all its complexity, just happened to come about out of random chaos. I believe it took someone to order it. To design it. Its certainly too […]

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